I run regular webinars on various topics pertinent to GPs. Register for individual topics or blocks of three webinars.

Upcoming webinars include the following:

1) What should we do when locum work dries up? – Covid19 career advice for locum and portfolio GPs

– Safety netting with multiple streams of income

– How to identify work content diversity and workplace diversity

– Developing career resilience for the next crisis

– The power of choosing frugality over middle class financial traps

2) The curse of the Nice GP – how you can be too nice for your own good

– understanding the difference between nice and adequate

– the relationship between diligence and increased workload

– recognising and rescripting the vicious cycles you set up

– exploring whether you are more prone to burnout than others, and what to do about it

3) How to document remote patient assessment – a medicolegal guide

– how to gauge whether patients are unwell remotely

– predicting future medicolegal pitfalls

– qualitative description and proxy examination

– harnessing the power of text expansion for safety