Feedback from previous attendees

Time Management for GPs seminar (London), 2nd December 2017

‘The overall message about older paradigms which disadvantage GPs I entirely agree with.’

‘Excellent practical suggestions for safely and efficiently working while also genuinely looking after ourselves.’

‘Very well delivered and engaging with plenty of time for discussion’

‘Clear presentations. Helpful practical advice’

‘Good to have handouts’

‘Very good speaker, helpful anecdotes, sense of humour, interesting to hear from side of previous regulator. Look forward to the parenting books. I will reflect on notes’

‘Good research base’

‘Wide reflections on GP workload and common patterns of difficulty and excellent suggestions on becoming more aware, making changes in behaviour, being more aware of litigation and documenting defensively, realising we have to aim for patient sufficient care’

‘Very believable, helpful, relevant to today’s busy imploding system. Had immediate connection as he understood our /my ways and weaknesses/tendencies & therefore how to improve them. All very applicable, sensible, helpful and INSPIRING suggestions’

‘A very good study day, dedicated to the rarely-addressed topic of how to deal with the hard practicalities of actual Gp life, e.g.: dealing with demanding patients or complaints or how to improve your clinical practice with practical tips and how to reduce stress or burnout and work-life balance’

‘Speaker was excellent, well informed and had excellent delivery skills’

‘One of the most useful aspects was discussion of principles and approaches relate to real case examples – there was plenty of this but can’t think of other ways to improve it’

‘I was pleased with the day’

‘Really is excellent I don’t think it could be improved – don’t often say that -? Maybe a group session over the work log with Deen troubleshooting?’

What I plan to implement from this seminar in my own practice/life:A new approach to dealing with multiple problems’; ‘Learn to touch type and document doing commutations’; ‘Try to document my consultations in more detail’; ‘Use wordpad’; ‘Consider typing during consultation’; ‘Will look up suggested books’; ‘Will reflect on notes and make a plan’; ‘Will log laptop at home time’;’Listen to podcasts’; ‘Look into synonym/shortcuts’; ‘Importance of recognising effective, high-pressure job’; ‘Fridge list – bucket list’; ‘Regular self-development PDP’; ‘More care with documentation’; ‘Do a time log’; ‘Ensure adequate sleep’; ‘The golden hour – advice – save light tasks for end of day’; ‘Don’t stay late – things take longer when tired’; ‘Podcasts’; ‘Eat the frog! Early! Discipline – getting ahead with admin. I am going to change my normal day template to take into account the suggestions’; ‘I have learnt a great deal on improving my skills on dealing with difficult or demanding patients and how to reduce complaints and improve the care I provide to my patients. I am also more motivated on trying to improve my health, sleep and family life’; ‘To use synonyms in EMIS a lot more in consultations’; ‘To listen to podcasts as part of CPD’; ‘To be more accurate in safety netting’

Time Management for GPs seminar (Manchester) 28th October 2017

‘Have identified several areas where I can make changes. It was all very relevant to my practice.’  ‘Excellent speaker- delivered the session very well’

‘Excellent, relevant content.’ ‘Deen is a fantastic speaker’

‘Emphasis is quite correct- requires a change in attitude more than knowledge’ Clear, credible, with pragmatic advice you can apply’

‘Content was excellent, especially the discussion in the context of a typical day in General Practice’ ‘Excellent speaker and excellent delivery’

‘Very relevant information was presented, to help me improve my timekeeping skills in the Consultation’. ‘Very relevant information to my day to day job as a GP’

‘Lots of material covered’ ‘Fast paced, covered lots of ground’

‘Especially useful material was documentation and regulator assessment of Documentation’ ‘Wonderful insight based on previous experience and exposure in various position held’

‘Relevant for today’s GP’. ‘Clear, knowledgeable, draws on wealth of experience to inform content’

‘Practical suggestions + solutions’. ‘Very articulate. Good pace.’

‘Useful insights from medico-legal perspective’ ‘Speaker was excellent- concise, to the point and had understood pressures of GP today’

‘Covered a lot…. content appropriate to what I was expecting’. ‘Clear and concise.’

‘Has given lots of food for thought.’ ‘Helped that he was a GP currently practising and aware of problems and time restraints’

‘Discussion of how to manage IT skills more efficiently’. ‘Knows what GP’s face rather than just lecturing on ideal solutions.’

‘Really helpful information on how to manage the complex patient- especially on documentation’

‘The Golden Hour was really interesting-I hope to implement this.’

‘Realistic options presented.’

‘Acknowledged in order for the current situation to change, compromises/sacrifices need to be made but this doesn’t necessarily mean patient care is affected in a negative way.’

Survival Skills for GPs (one day seminar in London), 29th July 2017

‘Highly recommend this course to my colleagues! Eye opener in several aspects of life/ career as a whole. Useful information for day-to-day practice. Thought provoking discussion especially about stress, work/life balance and litigation, vexatious complaints. What I plan to implement from this seminar in my own practice/life: Improve documentation; Do a personal risk assessment; Be mindful of the most “important 10 minutes” of my career.’

‘Good delivery, clear + well-paced. Time for questions and discussions; felt people could be heard. Very relevant to my current situation. Covered all the relevant areas such as time management and in particular how to manage patients with multiple problems. What I plan to implement from this seminar in my own practice/life: Look in to apps/ programs to help with task capture; Learn to touch type; Find out about EMIS templates to aid documentation+ referrals; Improve documentation by using word pad/ prepared text; Record daily activities using a time log.’

‘Very eloquent, GP-next-door! Even paced delivery. Knowledgeable in “practical practice”, not textbook GP. Very relevant to “real life” practice; not the usual didactic courses. I gained useful practical insights into working as a GP- contextualising consultations, time management, life work balance. Emphasis should be “being a good enough GP” rather than the “ideal GP”. What I plan to implement from this seminar in my own practice/life: Have a “family meeting” with my family asap! Develop a proforma for documenting my consultations. Establish “good enough” standard of practice.’

‘Excellent course, really useful content, clear, lively + interactive delivery which kept my attention all day, the best course I’ve done in a very long time! Lots of useful, extremely inspiring, refreshing leaning points. Huge thanks Deen! Very relevant to GP consults both NHS and private, in + out of hours. Extremely useful sessions on dealing with complaints + work/life balance. What I plan to implement from this seminar in my own practice/life: Try to keep 1 minute at end of consult for note keeping; Careful documentation of notes especially red flags/ safety netting; More consideration of energy levels/ hydration/ time for myself to conserve energy and reduce chances of burnout; Need to improve touch typing/ reduce typos.’

‘Dr Mirza is very organised, credible, an excellent presenter. Very helpful having the slides as a printout. Great audience interaction. Very good reflections on problematic cases. Discussed re dishonesty and dishonest intent, both necessary. Was pitched at exactly the right level. Full of useful advice on good habits, pitfalls and vexatious complaints. Interested to find that clinical notes can be added to “within the same shift”.“flashpoints” excellent. What I plan to implement from this seminar in my own practice/life: Improved “self-care” + “me time”; Clearer recognition of the “danger zone”; Extra care for “the golden minute” and good recording; Patient factors and vexatious complaints.’

‘Good speaker. Valuable advice, good delivery. Good topics covered. Valuable day to day advice. What I plan to implement from this seminar in my own practice/life: Documentation, sloppy clinical notes equivalent to practice; Write goals; Time management; Do time log; Read the books “especially slow GP”; Podcasts – look in incorporate with travel.’

‘Well structured. Honest + self-effacing. Clear. Reflective of real, everyday pragmatic GP practice. What I plan to implement from this seminar in my own practice/life: More GP log. Renew trying shells for consultations. Less typos.’

‘Very well presented, extremely relevant. All areas discussed were very relevant and useful, has made me more aware of my own areas of weakness. Section on documentation was particularly useful as well as time management and the section on monitoring performance with time logs. What I plan to implement from this seminar in my own practice/life: I hope to use time logs to monitor my own performance and help to improve my time management skills with respect to clinics/ admin work. I am more aware of how important thorough documentation is to ensure your continuity of care, but also to illustrate accurately what happened during consultations.’

‘Excellent speaker; Clear, confident; Approachable, passionate; Very humble; Deen is a real GP, who works in the clinic environment so is able to provide practical, realistic strategies/ advice. Covered appropriate content relevant to my practice as a “coal face” sessional GP. Good focus on work life balance/ safeguarding myself for the future. Complaints time management practical tips especially useful. What I plan to implement from this seminar in my own practice/life: If I don’t look after myself, and look after my wellbeing/emotional health then I can’t look after my patients/ family. Take more time for hobbies. Audit/ make time log of how I use my time at work to improve my insight. Thanks Deen, excellent seminar.’

‘Very good speaker. Excellent delivery. Interactive. Useful and relevant. Good material for further reflective practice. What I plan to implement from this seminar in my own practice/life: Improve my documentation habits; Improve work/life balance’