Time Management and Medical Error Courses

I run three seminars for doctors and other healthcare professionals:

  • Time Management For GPs
  • Time Management For Doctors
  • How To Avoid Medical Error

All three seminars are small group workshop based. The courses supplement each other, and separate material is covered in each.

1) Time Management For GPs is aimed at primary care clinicians (including nurse practitioners and physician associates as well as GPs). This seminar covers the following through presentations and group exercises:

– pre-clinic preparation

– what fast GPs do differently to slow GPs

– managing difficult patients with unreasonable demand

– managing paperwork and home visits

– managing multiple problems in one consultation

– post clinic task management

2) Time Management For Doctors is aimed at all doctors (both primary and secondary care), and will also be relevant to other health care professionals. It covers different material to seminar 1 including the following:

– adapting time management principles to medicine

– using time logs

– basing work around strengths

– text expansion for documentation

– labour light appraisal preparation and CPD

– evening and weekend life management

– parent productivity

3) How To Avoid Medical Error is for both primary and secondary care doctors, and covers the following through workshops and presentations

– understanding the swiss cheese model for human error

– how to avoid diagnostic errors

– ‘frequent fliers’ of medical litigation

– managing vexatious complaints

– how does Bawa-Garba affect appraisal?

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All courses in 2020 are fully booked. Please email info@betterdoctor.org if you would like to be put on a waiting list for Time Management for GPs on either 5.9.20. or 3.10.20.

Course dates for 2021 will be announced shortly.

Each course is £175.

London (Kew) events held at: Premier Inn, Kew: 52 High Street, Brentford, Greater London, TW8 0BB.