Self Help Books, Coaching & Courses For GPs

Welcome to Better Doctor! My name is Dr Deen Mirza, and I have started this medical training body to fill the massive gap between the expectations placed upon GPs today, and the limited resources we have.

My focus is on personal improvement and self help for GPs. Family doctors experience an incredible workload and a huge amount of stress now. I teach about what you can do within yourself to best manage that pressure.

My philosophy is that while you may have limited success at changing the overall system in which we operate, we have complete power over our own selves. Each of us should optimise our own levels of health, resilience and efficiency in order to best cope with the struggles of 21st century general practice.

I have written 5 books for GPs which are available on Amazon: a three part series on ‘How To Consult Efficiently’, another on managing difficult patients with unreasonable demands (the FRAYED consultation model) and I have co-authored a book on Telephone Triage.

My fifth book ‘Five Secrets for GP Career Success’ is available to download for free here.

I speak to GP trainees, GP trainers and primary care clinicians across the country on a range of topics relating to GP survival.

I run one day courses on Time Management for GPs.

If you have any queries please contact me via:

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